Sozo Apparel launched on 14 April 2020, right at the beginning of all the COVID-19 craziness. I had just left my job and began working on the re-brand of the apparel branch in between caring for our two pre-schoolers and our other start-up business Chalki Web Design.

At the beginning of the year God told me, through a vision, to return to the original name for this apparel company, which was Sozo Apparel.  When we first launched, the name Sozo Apparel was already in use, so we launched under Chalki Concepts instead, but now was the time for change, to go back to the roots and grow again. I will write another post on the significance of the Sozo name, but for now, let’s talk about the significance of the launch date – 14 April.

The Miracle of Grace

After a miscarriage in early 2017, falling pregnant again was an answer to prayer. On Saturday 9 September my husband (David) and I went in for the dating ultrasound. On Monday afternoon (11/09) I received a phone call from the GP wanting to meet urgently as the scan showed some abnormalities. All she would tell me over the phone was that the abnormalities could be an indication of Down syndrome or something else. I immediately called David and he contacted the rest of his family.

On Tuesday afternoon (12/09) we all met to pray for healing for our unborn child. During prayer I felt the baby move and a supernatural peace came over me. At nine weeks, this movement was not something that would happen in the natural. The next day (13/09) David & I went in to the GP’s for the report which stated:

‘Summary: Abnormally thickened nuchal translucency of 2.8mm plus cystic [hygroma]. This is associated with a markedly increased risk of aneuploidy and multiple other foetal syndromes.’

The GP went on to say that it is common for people in our situation chose to have the pregnancy terminated. This was not a consideration for us. David and I declined all additional testing, because we knew that our baby was healed and we told the GP this truth. I was now considered a ‘high risk’ pregnancy and was referred to the Women’s & Children’s Hospital for further ultrasounds and appointments.

At the 13 week scan we were shown what was ‘wrong’ with our baby, the excess liquid at the back of the neck in the nuchal fold. The scans showed that the thickness was now 1mm outside of the normal range, which was an improvement on the previous scan.

When I was shown into the Doctor’s office to discuss the results of the scan I was told that it was highly probable that there was something wrong with my baby but without further testing the Doctors weren’t able to be more specific. The Doctor said that she couldn’t even print me a list of possibilities because there could be OVER 200 THINGS WRONG. The fault could be any number of things from Down or Turner syndrome to a serious heart and/or lung defect, etc.

I continued to decline additional testing and declared that our baby was healed. The Doctor then suggested that if I wouldn’t consider any extra testing on our baby then perhaps I should consider having a psychiatric evaluation. I declined, but agreed to have a foetal echocardiography at the time of the 20 week scan to keep them happy (which I later cancelled).

At the 20 week scan our baby was shown to be PERFECT!!! The Doctor who was scheduled to give me the foetal echocardiograph even came in after the routine ultrasound to double check the work of the ultrasound radiographer! Thanks to this report, I was changed back to a ‘low risk’ pregnancy and booked into the Lyell McEwin Birthing Centre.

Grace Adele Halkias was born on 14 April 2018, after a four hour labour, PERFECTLY HEALTHY! Hence we chose the name ‘Grace’ so we will always be reminded of the goodness of God’s Perfect Grace.

Grace is now a thriving almost-3-year-old who is fiercely independent, a total extravert as well as very empathetic. Her positive, vivacious attitude is inspirational to young and old alike and I am extremely blessed to be her mother.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Sozo – The Miracle of Grace

  1. Tracey says:

    A truly beautiful outcome for both of your families. You described gorgeous Grace to a T. We love both of our adopted grannies. You are very special people. X

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